Raphael von Hoensbroech

Managing Director, Konzerthaus Berlin

Conductor, Violinist & Manager

From summer 2018, Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech will be the General and Artistic Director at the Konzerthaus Dortmund after being Managing Director of the Konzerthaus Berlin for five years, an organization with more than 200 employees and 650 events a year. Previously, he was principal with The Boston Consulting Group where he gained business insight into various corporates and their leadership cultures. For several years, Raphael was also active as conductor and he played the violin since early childhood. Versed in leadership from both the business and the artistic perspective, he brings together years of experience from the different worlds of management into his workshops. There he works with leading orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Junge Deutsche Philharmonie, and the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra among many others.



Martina Mara

Professor of Robopsychology

Johannes Kepler University Linz

Martina Mara is a leading expert on Human-Robot relationships and the world's first Professor of Robophychology.  Her lab at the Johannes Kepler University Linz explores how autonomous machines should look like, behave, and communicate in order to establish comfortable interaction experiences for varying target groups.  Martina earned her doctorate at the University of Koblenz-Landau's Institute for Communication Psychology and Media Education with a dissertation on anthropomorphic machines.  She regularly speaks at international conferences and she writes about social impacts of emerging technologies in her weekly tech column "Schöne Neue Welt" (Brave New World).  As a member of the Austrian Council for Robotics, she advices the Austrian government in establishing a strategy for the application of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Peter Klingenburg

Chief Executive Officer

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Peter Klingenburg has been Managing Director of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH since 2006. In addition to marketing and sales, he is also significantly responsible for the strategic orientation of the digital service provider. Peter has over 20 years of management experience in companies in the IT and telecommunications industry. For four years he was Head of E-business at Deutsche Telekom and co-founder and CEO of optimad media systems Ltd. in London and Düsseldorf. In previous years, Peter was responsible for Value Added Online Services in the Multimedia System House and the New Business Development Consumer Markets division of Deutsche Telekom AG's Multimedia division. Peter Klingenburg studied Business Informatics at the European Business School in Frankfurt am Main. Prior to that, he completed an apprenticeship as a data processing clerk at Nixdorf Computer AG.



Nicole Brandes

New Leadership Expert

International Executive Coach

Nicole Brandes is a sought-after, international management coach, book author and partner of the Future Institute and is seen as an important thought leader in Europe. The former manager has an extraordinary background: She has been working with the most powerful and influential people in the world for over 15 years. She started her career as a delegate in an executive leadership team, has changed the culture in several well-known companies and has won numerous marketing prizes. She has lead Queen Silvia of Sweden’s non-for-profit organization. In 1998, she managed the onsite assistance after the airplane crash in Halifax when she realized that people must be the number one priority for successful leadership. Since then she has been advocating for the human aspect, especially in this digital era.



The Hosts of the interactive streams


Wiener Konzerthaus

The Wiener Konzerthaus is one of the largest and  most artistically progressive institutions in international musical life.  during the course of a season, which extends from September to June, some 750 wide-ranging events take place and more than 600,000 visitors can listen to around 2,500 different compositions.  With this comprehensive and varied selection, the Wiener Konzerthaus - together with the Vienna State Opera House and the Musikverein - is central to Vienna's reputation as one of the world's leading music capitals.



“For people who create”

Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always to be found at the interface between ideas and materials. They understand architects, processors and the furniture industry – as well as the genuine decision-makers: their customers.  They think about the issues, develop the products and create them. Their strength lies in well thought out wood-based materials and compact laminates. They see themselves as a production facility, a service partner and a design laboratory.





EFQM - Vinciane Beauduin


Quality Austria - Michaela Drascher


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